Websites, mobile apps, ad placements on physical and virtual spaces… You’ve got metrics on conversion rates, dwelling times, navigation preferences, and more.  You can personalize a prospect’s journey by their demographic, psychographic, and geographic profiles.  Until they hit your bricks-and-mortar location.

Then what?

How do you convert strangers into suspects – suspects into prospects – and prospects into loyal customers?

Introducing PeopleFlow…  the physical space monitoring platform that pinpoints traffic flow patterns, and generates analytics just like your digital properties.

How Does PeopleFlow Help You?

PeopleFlow monitors the movement of mobile devices within your physical space. Similar to a page in your website, PeopleFlow collects statistics per zone. A customer carrying their mobile devices moves into, out of, and between various zones within your physical space or between different locations. PeopleFlow calculates the following statistics:

Unique vs. First-Time Visitor. How many unique individuals within a time period? How many are first-time visitors?

Days Between Visits vs. Recency. How many days on average does a unique visitor spend between visits? How recent was the previous visit on average?

Dwell Time. How long did an average visitor spend within a zone? At a location?

Bounced Visitors vs. Total Visitors How many visitors entered a zone but left within two minutes? What were the total number of prospects?

Window Shoppers vs. Converted Visits. How many visitors approached a zone but did not enter? How many entered at least one zone?

% Repeat Visitors. The average percentage of visitors who came at least once monthly / weekly / daily.

Tailored Solutions

PeopleFlow scales from a small storefront, aisle end-cap, or exhibit display, to an event venue, shopping center, airport, or chain of stores across the country. Leverage your devices or ours.

Integrate metrics directly into your Customer Relationship Management or Business Intelligence systems, correlate with data from your Point-of-Sale, and discover trends related to the customer journey.

Conferences, Sports, & Festivals

Sell traffic flow metrics to your exhibitors. Understand people flow at sporting events and festivals.

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Retail, Hospitality & Car Dealerships

Roll-up activity by aisle, department, region, or territory. Analyse customer journeys. Identify shoplifters.

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Airports & Malls

Enable wayfinding for disabled persons. Sell traffic flow metrics to concessioners. Alert staff for crowds / delays.

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Just Add Sensors

WiFi. Enable your existing in-store WiFi... Or leverage PeopleFlow WiFi. PeopleFlow WiFi devices are secure, self-organizing, and automatically administered - just plug-and-play. Differentiate between known (prospects, customers, and employees), and unknown (strangers, suspects) mobile devices.

Bluetooth. Leverage your existing network or install / supplement with ours. Improve position accuracy in key locations, mix-and-match bluetooth and WiFi. Support smart-tags using mobile near-field sensors to enable pop-up product descriptions and send proximity alerts.

National Retail Federation Big Show 2017

Retail’s Big Show. Join us and 50,000 of your colleagues as we present our PeopleFlow Platform. See indoor positioning and analytics in action, along with our marketing campaign integration.


Join us at Canada’s premier digital marketing and retail show as we present our PeopleFlow platform.